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23 March, 2015

Goat In Waiting

BEAVERTON, Ore. – A Presbyterian USA minister in Oregon who says that he doesn’t believe in God—and doesn’t require his members to believe either–remarked in a recent article that he is offended by those who assert that he is not a Christian.
Yep, the good old PC-USA, dispensing with all that 'Christianity' stuff while still trying to maintain they're Christian.

Mr. Shuck takes umbrage at the idea that people say he's not a Christian because he doesn't believe in God, the Bible, the divinity of Christ, or any (it seems) of the fundamental markers of Christian belief.  Does his 'church' utilize any of the traditional Christian creeds?  Doubtful, since each identify God as existent, as our heavenly Father, and as the 'Creator of heaven and earth' – a God he refuses to believe in.  They also identify Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, God Incarnate on earth.  Each demands adherence to 'the catholic faith' (Athanasian Creed)/'one holy catholic and apostolic Church' (Nicene Creed)/'the holy catholic Church' (Apostle's Creed), all of which are founded on the teachings of Jesus the Christ – of which Mr. Shuck says, 'most of the stories about Him (Jesus) in the Bible and elsewhere are legends'.

But Mr. Shuck's denial of God isn't the worst part of this, even though the Bible teaches us that ministers and pastors and preachers and teachers have greater responsibilities and 'will be judged with greater strictness'  (James 3:1, Matthew 18:3).  No, the worst part is that he has people who believe in what he teaches – and they will be right behind him on the left-hand side of the throne of the Son of Man (Matthew 25:33).

12 March, 2015

How do they rise up*?

Fantasy writer Terry Pratchett, creator of the exuberant, satirical "Discworld" series and author of more than 70 books, has died. He was 66.
I got hooked on Sir Terry Pratchett's books when I found – and read – Small Gods.

Sir Terry had a knack for writing not just humorous books; his books also made you think.  I found myself alternately laughing and crying while reading most of them.

If you've never read his work, I think you're missing out.  Here's a list of all his books in chronological order.

He will be missed.

10 March, 2015


A day or so ago, Colin Powell was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos.  During this interview, Mr. Powell said that 'many Republicans were still racist and that there was a “dark vein” of intolerance that ran through much of the nation.'

He went on:

26 February, 2015

Atheist Tantrum

Because nothing says 'rationality' like living in terror of a being you say you don't believe exists.
The American Humanist Association sent a letter to newly elected members of Congress imploring them not to join the congressional prayer caucus, saying the caucus is a threat to the U.S. Constitution and American rights.
AHA Legal Director David Niose complains that the caucus breaks the mythical 'wall of separation' (found nowhere in the Constitution), whines about the caucus allegedly 'pandering to the Christian right' (whatever that is – I think it's a windmill), and accusing members of being 'hostile to the rights of Americans who are nonreligious and non-theistic” (with absolutely no evidence provided that this has ever happened).  The usual tantrum we're used to seeing from these folks.

And here's a kicker:
“As such, America needs a Congressional Prayer Caucus about as much as it needs a Congressional White Caucus or Congressional Male Caucus.”
Wonder why he left out the Congressional Black Caucus?

You know, now that I think about it, a cross does look a bit like a stopped windmill.  At least from a distance.  With fuzzy eyesight.