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13 December, 2010

Yes, There Is Hope

Fellow blogger Opus #6 writes at her blog, American Perspective:
Is there hope for us as a nation? Are we still good enough to rate God's blessings? Are we virtuous enough to teach our children about religion and respect and honor? Are we courageous enough to push back against governmental bodies who decide to trample our God-given rights as outlined in the Constitution?
She lays out only a small sample of the political chicanery which really began to rear its ugly head when Democrats took control of Congress four years ago. In 2008, when Democrats took over the executive branch, they ramped up their policies with closed-door partisan meetings, backroom deals, legislation which was at best poorly understood and at worst completely unread by legislators before it was rammed through and a callous disregard for the will of the people who elected them.

This November, the people spoke. Conservative candidates won big, taking control of the House of Representatives and sending a message to the Senate and the Executive that they’d had enough of ‘business as usual in Washington’. And with that message sent, lame-duck Democrats (and not a few RINO Republicans) have ramped up their scorched-earth policies, continuing to ignore the will of the people by shoving through legislation they’ve been warned is unacceptable.

But through all of this, there is still hope.

November 2, 2010 was a bit like an American D-Day: conservatives established a beachhead in Congress but they know there’s still a lot of fighting to be done. What they need to remember as ‘freshmen’ is that Congress often sings a siren song to new people, enticing them through patronage, paybacks, pork and personal aggrandizement to steer a course for the rocks and wreck themselves. That being in Congress offers seductions beyond the normal is being seen in the increasing numbers of Congressmen and women who are being investigated for misconduct.

This is where the people come in.

Our input doesn’t stop at the voting booth. We have a responsibility to keep our elected representatives honest, to poke them back into line when they look as if they’re straying, and to remind them that, as they were put into those soft executive chairs in DC, they can also be removed from them. All it takes is a vote. So we, the people, must use the weapons at our disposal – the pen, the fax machine, the telephone, e- and snail-mail, and (if it comes down to it) public demonstrations at federal, state and local offices – to constantly remind our elected officials – federal, state and local – just who it is they work for.

We also have a responsibility to our children to train them up in right and wrong behavior and right and wrong thinking. All too often we’ve relegated that task to outside influences such as public schools, and we’ve been greatly remiss in demanding accountability from teachers, administrators and educational managers in district offices. Making our opinions heard at those levels is our weapon against indoctrination, and there are many reports that voicing our outrage works to change minds and actions of even the most hardened teacher’s union employee.

Though I have no kids of my own, I see home-schooling as a last-ditch effort to properly educate kids. My reason is that yes, you can pull your kids out of school and teach them yourself, but what about the myriad parents who cannot? Do we leave them to the tender mercies of educational systems which are little more than indoctrination centers bent on turning kids into mindless little robots, incapable of anything more than regurgitating suspect – and oft-times totally incorrect – propaganda and misinformation? As the military refuses to leave a man behind, no parent should be willing to leave the children of other parents behind when it comes to public education, and part of that is repairing any damage caused by public education to your child, so your child is armed with right knowledge which they will be able to challenge the indoctrinators teachers at their school, thereby not only disseminating correct information but setting a positive example for their fellow students by standing up for what’s right and true.

And there is hope on the Christian front as well.

Christians are winning battles in the war on Christianity. More and more reports are coming in of Christians winning battles against secular forces which would squelch Christianity from the public square once and for all. We’re seeing liberal ‘Christian’ denominations bleeding members due to lack of adherence to Scripture, while conservative denominations are picking up new members. Young people, tired of a church which treats the Bible as if it should be put in either the ‘Myth and Fable’ or the ‘Self-help’ sections of the local bookstore are turning to ‘strict’ Christianity. More Christians – laity as well as clergy – are standing up for God’s truth and are speaking out in newspapers, on television and on the Internet – and are being listened to and praised. The people are seeking a faith that’s grounded on solid rock, not the sinking sands of modern liberal Progressive ‘Christianity’ – and it’s being noticed.

Opus asks, ‘Are we still good enough to rate God's blessings?’ Looking at America collectively, I might be persuaded to say, No, we aren’t. Society as a whole is too secularized and too deeply involved in idolatry for God to be pleased with us. But just as God saved a remnant of Israel and cleaned house on the rest, so, too, I believe that He will save at least a remnant of his Gentile children. So long as we do not abandon Him, He will not abandon us. And from what I’ve seen so far, that remnant is growing. Perhaps it will eventually surpass those who’ve traded their birthright for the red stew of secularism in this country.

So never lose hope.

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