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06 February, 2011

Government ‘Assistance’?

A columnist for the Colorado Springs Gazette challenged local Christian groups to help out the state’s Start Smart school breakfast program, which is facing a $125,000 shortfall.

So what could go wrong?

It seems the Colorado governor, newly elected John Hickenlooper, has to request the funding and the Legislature has to approve it before any donated money can be used for Colorado's Start Smart program.
So let me get this straight. A group donates money to the Start Smart program; then the governor has to ask the Legislature for that money; then the Legislature has to approve giving the money.

Leave it to government to overtake the plumbing so badly it’s easy to stop up the drains; those Christian groups haven’t heard anything from the state, even after they said they were ready, willing and able to help out.

The Gazette columnist can’t understand the hold-up, either:
"If religion pays for breakfast, government can use its own school breakfast funds to pay for something else. If churches pay for the breakfast, it means they're funded by people choosing to help and not by people forced to pay taxes that may cause their own children to go without."
But I may have an answer to that conundrum, and it comes from Rep Mark Ferrandino, a Democrat from Denver:
"I think it's great and I appreciate that, but I think it's something we can deal with within the legislative process."
In other words, we can handle it, we don’t need your help.

But I think there might be more in it than just that. Setting aside the idea that the moment the state accepts Christian funding for this they’ll catch particular hell from the ‘separation-of-church-and-staters’, accepting money from the Church also sets a bad precedent for the government; after all, government is supposed to be the only source of charity for the world – having the Church (which was the original charity organization) offer charity usurps the government’s role.

And we can’t be having that, can we?

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