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13 April, 2011

Heresy: The Latest Cottage Industry

Anybody remember James Frey? He was the guy who wrote the book ‘A Million Little Pieces’, with which he suckered Oprah Winfrey and a whopping bunch of others, as it turned out the entire book was little more than blatant lies.

Well, he’s back again, this time using the ‘fiction’ excuse to lie about none other than Jesus Christ.

This new book, ‘The Final Testament of the Holy Bible', gives us a tale of a Second-coming Jesus who, according to Peter Conrad of the Guardian, is ‘a semi-articulate hippy’ who engages in tantric sex with his female followers and who ‘preaches drippy sermons about peace’ to ‘a band of apocalyptic loons who hole up in the subway tunnels beneath Manhattan’.

I gather Mr. Conrad was not impressed with Mr. Frey’s writing.

The book’s release date of April 22nd is also highly significant – April 22nd this year just HAPPENS to be Good Friday, which ought to really push the sales of the book. And speaking of sales, Mr. Frey has guts, I’ll give him that: Amazon is selling the book at a discounted rate of $34.00 (down from the $50.00 list price) – even Rob Bell’s book only listed at $23.00.

It’s likely Mr. Fried … erm, Frey … will collect his thirty pieces of silver for betraying Christ yet again – as of this writing, the book has 14 ‘likes’ on, and it hasn’t even been released yet; add to this the fascination our modern world has with all things anti-Christian ought to clinch it. As Mr. Conrad so eloquently puts it:
Frey is the product of a culture with a short memory and a skewed moral sense. He's also less a writer than a professional celebrity, which means that he can count on being rewarded for behaving badly.

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