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23 November, 2011

Newt Hearts Amnesty?

I didn't watch the debate last night (I haven't watched any of them - I've got a weak stomach), but I've been hearing all about how Gingrich blew it with his embrace of amnesty.

So I went and watched a clip of his answer, and read the transcripts of it...

And I agree with him.

So does the Trog.

And as the Trog puts it:
…any illegal who has a job (or whose spouse or child has a job), who has no criminal record (other than that one thing, of course), and is in this country right now – not tomorrow, not next week, not six months from now, but now – can stay.
Works for me.

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Teresa said...

I agree but with stipulations. I will go into more detail in a post on this subject on either Teresamerica or Catholibertarian.