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11 September, 2012

Nothing But Animals Part 3

Remember back here when I brought up the idea that the only real difference between humans and animals is the former’s ability to control itself, and how once you’ve removed or disallowed that responsibility you’ve effectively lowered the human to the level of the animal?

Cord Jefferson, writing for Gawker Science, gives us another example of just that kind of thing in his article titled, Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for Those Who Want to Have Sex with Children.

I’ll spare you the gory details of the article; in a nutshell:

-          -    Canadian researchers say that pedophilia is either an illness, a sexual orientation, or that pedophiles are simply ‘born that way’.

-         -            incarceration and/or therapy for pedophiles, therefore, are ineffective; in fact, incarceration subjects pedophiles to abuse and potential death at the hands of other inmates who feel sexually assaulting children is wrong.

Michael Seto, forensic psychologist, suggests something different: he believes that pedophiles can be treated by focusing on ‘self-regulation skills’ – the human ability to control yourself, including sexual desires.

So we have one group saying pedophiles can’t help themselves, and another saying the exact opposite.  And I say ‘group’ because, as you read on in the article, you see that there are groups in Germany (Prevention Project Dunkelfeld) and in Canada (Circles of Support and Accountability) which act somewhat like Alcoholics Anonymous or the Suicide Hotline – they’re there, ready to assist anyone who’s having a problem dealing with their ‘wrong’ sexual cravings.

What I’m about to say may very well startle my regular readers.  I do not believe pedophiles should be locked up because of their feelings; that smacks way too hard of ‘thought-crimes’.  I also believe that if they can benefit from some sort of therapy – be it psychological, pharmacological, or something along the lines of PPD or CSA – I think they should avail themselves of it (or be directed to avail themselves of it).

However, I do not agree that pedophiles – once they act on their desires and are caught – should be treated differently than any other criminal.  They’ve committed a criminal offense and should be punished.  That said, if punishment must consist of separation from the general population, so be it.

Since the fall of Adam, all men (and women) are born tainted with sin; we all have the potential to do heinous and horrible things to ourselves and others.  We’re constrained from doing those things by an innate moral code that even non-religious people have acknowledged; we all have an innate knowledge of ‘good and evil’ (probably because that’s what the serpent promised Eve when she bit the fruit in the Garden).  We can resist doing evil things, though we may not want to, and that’s the basis for our human ability to curb our desires – our ability to control ourselves.

There’s been a push to proclaim that there are certain desires which people cannot control – sexual, gastronomic, and the like.  We can’t stop eating, we can’t stop drinking, we can’t stop sexing, we can’t stop this and that.  That’s a lot of codswallop – people diet, abstain from liquor, abstain from the more ‘perverse’ aspects of sex all the time.  Saying that there are certain desires which we simply cannot control is nothing more than saying there are people out there who are no better than animals.

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