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03 October, 2012

Okay, So...I Tuned In To The Debate Late (A Little Update)

Thank goodness for my Facebook Friends, who kept up a steady stream of commentary on what, apparently, was a butt-whoopin' of extraordinary proportions.

My comments on what I saw:

1) I haven't seen that much flailing since I watched a PBS special on primitive grain threshing techniques, and ...

2) Here I always thought fall panicum was a weed, not a debating style.

Oh, well.  On to round two.


Apparently, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz aren't exactly thrilled by Mr. Obama's performance tonight.

And honestly, I do feel sorry for them - as I feel sorry for anybody else who's just now beginning to realize that the holodeck imaginarium Obama created nigh on four years ago is starting to peel away from the walls and reality is forcing itself in.

It's got to be a tremendous shock.

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