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30 October, 2012

Why Do We Even Have Rape Laws?

At first glance, that title may have given you pause.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious why we have rape laws, right?  I mean, rape’s a heinous crime, right?  How dare I question why we have laws against it?!?!

Calm down.  I’m going to show you why it’s not a stupid question.

In 1859, Charles Darwin published his seminal tome, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.  This book loosened the wheel that controlled the floodgates of humanism precisely because it let everybody who could read know that human beings are nothing more than glorified animals (perhaps descended from the great apes, in fact).  From this point on, the idea of organic evolution slowly but surely infiltrated our public and private schools, indoctrinating students in the ‘knowledge’ that they weren’t that much different from the rats, the frogs, and the fish in the tanks on the shelf in the back of the classroom.

In 1986, Ingrid Newkirk added to this belief with her now infamous statement, ‘A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.  They’re all animals.’  Ms Newkirk, for those who don’t know, is the founder of People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA), which has touted the first sentence (see above) as meaning that animals and people are equal; they never seem to get around to telling us that Ms Newkirk’s second sentence actually means human beings are nothing but animals.  What’s this mean?  Well, since we’re nothing but animals, if we act like animals, that’s perfectly normal.

Way back in 1916 a woman named Margaret Sanger founded a group which we now call Planned Parenthood.  Today it and other like organizations campaign for (among other things) ‘comprehensive sex education’ in our schools.  But to Planned Parenthood (and their ilk), ‘comprehensive’ means ‘contraception and abortion’; abstinence gets short-shrift from these folks, being disparaged as ‘old-fashioned’, ‘religiously-based’, and/or ‘just out of touch with reality’.

This ‘reality’ of which they speak is summed up in a statement I read quite a while ago (and have forgotten its provenance): ‘kids are going to have sex, and we can’t stop them; just make sure they use contraceptives’.

We expect kids to obey all kinds of rules and regulations: no talking without permission in class, stay seated on the school bus, no fighting, no running with scissors, and etc. and etc.; but when it comes to sex, we can’t stop ‘em, so here’s a condom, kid – knock yourself out.

And then, when they hit 18, we expect them to suddenly curb their sexual urges and not let them out on unsuspecting and/or unwilling members of the opposite (or even the same) gender.

Right.  That’s gonna work out just splendidly.

These kids have undergone nearly two decades of indoctrination in ‘you’re animals, you can’t control your sex-drives, use condoms and have all the sex you can’, and then they’re expected to put on the brakes when they’ve finally gotten out from under their parents legally.

Oh, and that little coda the sex-ed ‘professionals’ tack on to their speeches (‘just remember to use a condom!’) is pretty much useless; in fact, I wonder if any of them have experienced the ‘heat of the moment’, when using a condom is the last thing on your mind.

Okay, so, you’ve come this far through this post, so I’ll ask again: why do we have rape laws?  I mean, if we’re just animals doing our ‘thing’, there shouldn’t be such a thing as ‘rape’, right?  I mean, when animals do it, it’s not called ‘rape’, and we’re not calling the ASPCA or any of those folks to go ahead and arrest that tomcat for impregnating every female cat in a five-block area (you ever heard cats while they’re ‘involved’?  If that’s not rape, I don’t know what is).

No, we have rape laws because we are different than animals.  We’re held to a higher standard than the animals...because we’re human beings.  As much as evolutionary biologists, Darwinists, PETA-ists, Planned-Parenthood-ists or any other ‘ists’ want to tell us we’re no more than animals, down in their primitive hind-brains they know we’re different than animals – in fact, they know we’re better than animals.

They’re lying through their teeth, and they know it.

But they’ll never admit it.

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