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08 November, 2012

After The Battle

There's really only one thing I feel like saying regarding our loss on Tuesday.

If the Grand Old Party continues to give us presidential candidates who refuse to drive their swords into the gaps and chinks in our enemy's armor, we will never, never win another Presidential election.


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Opus #6 said...

McCain and Romney are sweet old guys. We need a warrior.

Did Breitbart have a son?

Nate said...

I saw a picture not long ago of Andrew and a group of kids; if they were his, they're very young (or the picture was old).

Right Truth said...

It appears that Conservatives are rebelling against the RINOs that are pushed on them. They spoke by not voting. Will the Republican leadership realize this? No they won't.

A third party? I don't know what the answer is, but unless things change we will continue to lose elections.

Right Truth