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25 November, 2012

Curious, But Not Much Else

WND has an article up about what they call ‘yet another striking link between 9/11 and the key verse upon which his teaching rests.’  This ‘striking link’ was noticed by author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, of The Harbinger fame.  If you don’t know what The Harbinger is, you can read the entire article: in short, it’s a book wherein Rabbi Cahn relates a single verse from Isaiah 9:10 to events which have occurred since the 9/11 attack on New York, the Pentagon, and the crash in Shanksville, PA and calls the events ‘harbingers’ of judgment on America.

The striking link?
In 1985, the “One-Year Bible” was published in many translations around the world – from the Living Bible to the Catholic Bible to the New King James version to the New American Standard and the English Standard Bible.

Those Bible translations provide verses to read each day of the year – from both the New and Old Testaments.

Jonathan Cahn, the messianic rabbi who wrote “The Harbinger” and offers his teaching in “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” movie, recently discovered that every one of those “One-Year Bible” versions place Isaiah 9:10 on Sept. 11.

“This has been the case since 1985,” said Cahn on a recent Jim Bakker TV show. “It’s been there for years. Millions of Americans have been reading this verse on Sept. 11 for 16 years before 2001.” (emphasis mine)
Here is why I consider this as little more than a curiosity: there are many, many other Bible reading plans available (see here).  As far as I’ve been able to determine, the One Year Bible’s reading plan is the only one which has Isaiah 9 landing on September 11th, and that’s only for their ‘One Year Readings’: if you go to their site and click on September under ‘Chronological Readings’ (see here), Isaiah 9 doesn’t come up for September 11th.

As I said, curious, but not much else; certainly not the ‘striking link’ WND would like it to seem.

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