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24 November, 2012

Skins Like Tissue-paper

So, according to Christian Post, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is having a hissy-fit over a vandalized billboard.

Here's the vandalism (I enlarged the pic from the article):

See the horns?  Yep, the FFRF is complaining that the defacement 'literally "demonizes" them to the public'.
"[The vandalism] reveals how non-believers are still stigmatized, even in a community like Portland, where statistics show that a quarter of the population identifies as non-religious," Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
Let's talk about stigmatizing people for a moment, shall we?

Here's a selection of billboards put up by none other than the FFRF:



And here's a selection from one of their sister organizations, Backyard Skeptics/American Atheists:

So, who's being demonized and stigmatized?  Butch up, atheists; nobody likes whiners.

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Right Truth said...

Wow, some of those posters are really out there.

Right Truth