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26 November, 2012

Woe Is Us, The War Is Lost

In Santa Monica, CA, a six-decade tradition of exhibiting nativity scenes along Ocean Boulevard fell afoul of a group of anti-theists; it ended up in court, where a judge denied the Santa Monica Nativity Scene Committee’s petition to put up the displays.

And now, a word from their intrepid attorney in the case, William J. Becker:
"When [Monday] (11/19/2012), United States District Court Judge Audrey B Collins delivered a 28-page ruling denying my client the right to continue a 59-year-old tradition of exhibiting Nativity scenes along Ocean Boulevard in the City of Santa Monica this Christmas season, another dagger plunged into the heart of America's twilight customs and traditions. The sneered-at 'war on Christmas' was effectively lost for good[.]”
Mr. Becker’s defeatist attitude is all too familiar these days, particularly when it comes to Christianity: Christians get kicked in the teeth, and when they come to they’re already waving the white flag of surrender.

And this makes me wonder.  What would have happened if Peter and John, after being beaten by the Sanhedrin for preaching Christ crucified, had gone back to their group with the blood still running from their wounds and said, ‘Well, it’s all over, the Sanhedrin beat us’?  What if the brethren had thrown in the towel after James, the brother of John, was beheaded by Herod?  What if Paul had said ‘the war is over’ when he’d been driven from the city of Iconium (Acts 14)?  What would have happened if any of the apostles or church fathers so predominantly biographied in Fox’s Book of Martyrs had said, ‘Nuts to it, I give up’?

Certainly, God would have found other avenues for His word to endure, though it would have taken much longer to reach as many people as it has.  And God is in control, of course, so when we suffer defeats we need to be strengthened by them and we must learn from them, not retreat into our shells for a self-pit-party or give in and say ‘well, you win’ when we lose a single skirmish in the long war.  At a minimum, we need to learn from this and other similar losses – the take-home message here is be careful who you choose to fight your battles for you.

Folks, if the Bible’s anywhere near accurate (and so far, I haven’t seen any inaccuracies (despite the affirmations of others that the Bible is chock-full of them)), we Christians are going to fight and lose a lot of battles, to the point where ‘bleak’ will be an understatement describing the outlook of Christianity’s survival.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret:

In the end, Christianity wins.

Stand firm in the Lord, warriors, and don’t let skirmishes determine the war.

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Right Truth said...

You are absolutely right, a pep talk many need to hear right now, especially the Republicans.

Right Truth