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26 December, 2012

Angels Among Us

There’ve been a few books recently written by people who’ve claimed to have been visited by and/or to have seen angels.  Author Lorna Byrne is one of these folks; in a CNN interview, she describes what they look like.

I have a highly scientific term for such reports:  hogwash.

In the Bible there are plenty of accounts of normal, every-day people having encounters with angelic beings.  The vast majority of those relate a level of awestruck fear: Daniel and Zechariah fainted; Manoah and his wife and Hagar wondered how they’d survived the meeting; Abram and Lot ended up face-down in the dirt.  In the New Testament, Zacharias (father of John the Baptist) and Mary were frightened by the visits from Gabriel (each time Gabriel had to tell them not to fear); the shepherds were scared of the angelic choir they witnessed when Christ was born.

If it wasn’t outright, pants-wetting fear these people felt, it was a deep and reverential fear of a messenger of God Almighty, which manifested in downcast eyes and, again, prostration before them.

Oddly enough, in our modern angelic-encounter recollections, there’s little or no talk of fear and trembling – instead, the folks who talk or write about these experiences overwhelmingly talk and write about the feelings of happiness, love, and serenity they feel in the presence of angelic beings.

Do angels really exist?

I believe they do.

Did these folks actually physically experience an angelic visitation?

I highly doubt it.

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