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21 December, 2012


According to Mark Silk, writing at Religion News Service, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal taught the Roman Catholic Church a lesson this past week.

How’d he do that?  Well, Governor Jindal (who’s also a professing Catholic) ‘advocated making oral contraceptives available over the counter without a prescription’ in order to take the whole contraceptive thing ‘out of the political arena’.

The Archdiocese of New Orleans had something to say about that:
“We disagree with the governor’s opinion because, as the Catholic Church teaches, contraception is always wrong.”
It stands to reason that Governor Jindal, being Catholic, should have known that.  The important point for the remainder of this post is that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) calls contraception wrong.

Along comes Mr. Silk, and after a few sarcastic swipes at the RCC, he ends with this:
If the Catholic bishops really wanted their schools and hospitals as well as any employer with religious scruples to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate, they would be helping the Obama Administration find a way to provide free contraceptive coverage to all women–or at least not getting in the way of the Administration’s doing so. (emphasis mine)
So, if the RCC wants a waiver from ObamaCare on giving out contraceptives, it ought to (according to Mr. Silk) help the Administration hand out free contraceptives.

Did you get that?  I’ll repeat it: Mr. Silk believes that the RCC ought to help the government hand out free contraceptives.

Once more: Mr. Silk believes the RCC should break its own rules regarding the wrongness of contraception and help the government hand out free contraceptives.

I guess Mr. Silk believes that the RCC believes that the only time contraceptives are wrong is when the RCC and its affiliates are forced to provide it; they ought to just freely provide something they have labeled as wrong.

With that kind of logic, I want all Congressional Democrats to hand out, for free, handguns and ammunition to every American.  

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