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30 December, 2012

The Queen James Bible

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, folks; my apologies for that, but I was trying to wrap my head around this latest attempt at LGBT warping of Judeo-Christianity.

You read the title right – an anonymous group known only (so far) as ‘The Editors’ has published a new King James Bible, this one with all the alleged ‘homophobic’ passages re-written in their image.  Michael Brown over at Charisma News does a fair job taking apart the 'Editors’’ claims as to the whys and wherefores of what they did, so I’ll let you pop over there and read what he wrote; there really isn’t a lot I would want to add to it.

‘The Editors’ have cloaked themselves in a veil of secrecy, not letting anyone outside their circle know who they are.  The reason is obvious: fear.  I’m sure they’re afraid of being attacked for re-writing the Bible – a book which has undergone (and survived) multiple translations and version-ations since the Codex Sinaiticus.  And I’m just as sure they’re afraid of personal, ad hominem attacks as well as attacks on their scholarship – or lack of it – in their re-writing; of course, this lack of knowing just who these folks are won’t stop those attacks, nor will the ‘Editor’s Notes’ which they so generously posted at their website (see here). 

This may be all there is to it – that the ‘Editors’ don’t want to be publicly flogged (as it were) by name; instead, they’ll accept the public flogging of ‘the Editors’, which won’t hurt so badly.  But there’s another side to this coin: it’s not impossible than one or more of the ‘Editors’ might be a highly-placed churchman (or woman), or might hold some other high position in Christian circles, which position would be irreparably damaged should their name be linked to this.

I’m not saying this is the case, only that it may be.  It may also be that the ‘Editors’ are nothing more than a bunch of high-school or college-age kids who thought it would be a hoot to re-write the Bible and see how many people they could tick off.  Or the ‘Editors’ might be one or more people with honest concerns and questions who hadn’t gotten answers.

It could be anyone, or a group of anyones, who’ve done this.  And therein lies the problem: since we don’t know who the ‘Editors’ are, how much (or little) weight should anyone give to their pronouncements?

Until we know who they are, my vote would be ‘zero’.  But there are plenty of folks out there (you may even know one or two) who’ll embrace this Bible with open arms, believe everything it says…

And pay for it later.

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