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24 December, 2012

Traditional Crèche

When it comes to crèche scenes, I’ll admit I’m a bit of a traditionalist (in fact, I’m the only person I know personally who uses the term crèche to describe it – most people I know call it a Nativity scene). So when I saw this article in the Guardian, I was obviously stunned.

I mean, come on – representing human beings and animals with colored or labeled blocks of wood? What kind of representation is that? These were real, live people involved in this, not slabs of oak or maple or poplar or what-have-you.

Talk about de-humanizing the whole message.

And you can imagine my reaction when I saw this abomination:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Joseph and Larry, the Holy Family.

Cross-eyed and infuriated doesn’t cover it, my friends. And it just gets worse – here’s the explanation excuse the author gave for this bushel-basket of heresy:
True, it may not be biblically accurate – but neither is having the holy family dressed in Mexican folk costume, or even having the shepherds and wise men at the scene at the same time. And it was an immaculate conception after all.
I’m surprised the author admits that Jesus was born of a virgin.

Look, it doesn’t matter if the figures in the crèche are dressed in modern garb, or ‘Mexican folk costume’, or whatever; it doesn’t matter that there were no wise men at the birth (though there’s a good argument that the shepherds showed up); it doesn’t matter whether there were animals present; it doesn’t really even matter if Jesus was born in a stable, a sheep-pen, a cave, or somebody’s spare room where they kept their livestock.  All of that stuff is peripheral to the story of Christmas.  What is not peripheral - in fact, what is central to the story - is that for Jesus to be truly God and truly man, He had to be born of a woman.  Sorry, folks, but neither Joseph nor Larry, there, had the requisite equipment to gestate a baby (it couldn't be said of either Joseph or Larry that either could 'conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name Him Jesus' (Luke 1:31)).

Having sheep, goats, cows, wise men, a stable, a rock cave, a back-room - none of that is blasphemy.

Joseph and Larry?  That’s some blasphemy right there.

God really doesn't appreciate that kind of thing:
Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. (Galatians 6:7)

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