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01 December, 2012

We Interrupt This Blog Post For A Very Important Message...

This is a message from the Observatorium Blogposting Corporation.

We do not anticipate restoration of normal service until 8 November, 2016.

And even then, it may not be 'normal'.
Thank you for your attention.


Right Truth said...

Exactly right, difficulties. The difficulties are with people who vote for the wrong reasons. How do we fix that? Wish I knew.

Right Truth


Debbie Asks, How Do We Fix It?

Well, first we must understand that
94% of black folks voted "skin" in
2008, and repeated it in 2012.

What the Republicans, T-Party and
Independents apparently didn't know
was that there are twice as many
spanish-speaking people as there are
black folks in this nation.

If Romney "advisors" had chosen the eloquent
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the Romney/Rubio Team
would be headed for D.C. right now!

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