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30 January, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

James Arlandson wrote an excellent piece over at The American Thinker titled, Did God Exalt Obama to the Presidency?  He says this is a question many Bible-believing people have been asking; after reading his points about the first four years of an Obama America, it’s no wonder he pronounces himself ‘baffled’ over the question.

His very last sentence struck a chord with me:
God could be using this extraordinarily and unusually ineffective president -- as he did some bad leaders in the Bible -- to get our attention.
When you read and study Scripture, particularly the Old Testament up to the end of Second Chronicles, something becomes very apparent that would be humorous if it wasn’t so sad.  The Israelites would disobey God in some way and He’d bust a board over their heads.  Most often, He did so by giving them what they demanded, even when it was going to end up causing them distress.  Oh, God warned them through prophets, especially during the times of the kings, but it didn’t matter to them – they wanted to rule themselves, so God in most cases ‘gave them over’ to their own desires.

Paul summed that up in Romans 1.  And there are preachers and teachers of the Bible out there who’ve called our modern society a ‘Romans 1’ society, simply because the comparison between our present and Paul’s litany of sins and evils is so, well, comparable.

So when Mr. Arlandson wrote that final sentence, it occurred to me that he was saying something along the lines of what I’ve believed pretty much ever since 2008 – that God is giving us precisely what we’ve asked for – nay, what we’ve demanded – and just like the ancient Israelites, we’re going to get the board upside the head for our disobedience.

But there are signs that perhaps – just perhaps – some folks are waking from their slumber.  One big alarm bell was the first paycheck of the new year, when a whole lot of people discovered that ‘there won’t be any middle-class tax increases’ wasn’t exactly truthful.  Protestant churches are slowly waking up to the fact that if they abandon biblical principles, it costs.  Both Catholics and Protestants (as well as others) are waking up to the fact that unless they stick to their guns their  God-given rights and freedoms protected by our Constitution can be swept away like yesterday’s dust.  Christians across the nation are discovering we don’t have to necessarily ‘turn the other cheek’ when it comes to threats and intimidation from groups of atheists and agnostics, and that it’s okay to hire lawyers when they’re threatened.  The country as a whole is learning that there’s a large and fairly vocal group of people who aren’t fooled by linguistic legerdemain and know ‘murder’ when it’s called ‘choice’.

And just as the Bible shows us, God loves true and heartfelt repentance.  All we have to do is take Him up on His gracious offer.

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