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04 January, 2013

Conscience Clauses

So, Mr. Obama feels that adding a conscience clause for military chaplains to the National Defense Authorization Act was ‘unnecessary and ill-advised’, does he?

Apparently, others thought differently; and it’s not hard to understand why they thought differently, either: what with the ignoring of the Defense of Marriage Act and Obama’s expressed desire to eliminate it, the practical elimination of ‘don’t-ask-don’t-tell’ in our military, the vociferous denouncement of any mention of God in the Democrat national platform, and many other things, I would be totally unsurprised if the Defense Department actively ‘encouraged’ military chaplains to discard their religious beliefs in the name of political correctness.

I’ve already read stories (and perhaps you have, too) of military chaplains having great concerns that their beliefs are already under threat from higher-ups in the chain of command – nothing overt, yet, but subtle hints that perhaps their beliefs don’t ‘fit’ into the modern military, and that, perhaps, they ought to consider retirement from the military if they’re having this kind of trouble.

We’re also seeing plenty of religious discrimination outside of the military as well: people of faith being ‘encouraged’ to either dump their faith entirely, bury it, or find employment elsewhere.  We have the Affordable Care Act, which – though we were told it wouldn’t affect anyone based on their religion – is definitely affecting people and businesses with faith-based backgrounds.

Thus the inclusion of the protection of chaplain consciences was highly necessary.

Now, why was it ‘ill-advised’?  Well, perhaps because it sends Mr. Obama a message: you’re a liar, we know you’re a liar, and we won’t believe, let alone trust, any promises you make, since your promises aren’t worth the wind used to voice them.  And, of course, you don’t call the god-king Obama a liar, do you?  Perhaps, by calling it ‘ill-advised’, Mr. Obama is sending a warning to those who’ve concluded we have Tommy Flanagan as President.

Or perhaps, in a subtle way, this is his military-chaplain's version of the baseball bat.

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