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20 January, 2013


In today's Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel's Sunday Opinion section, there were plenty of op-eds from various and sundry folks regarding what to do about the 'gun problem'.  By and large, the left-leaning opinionists who overpopulate our 'paper of record' are all in favor of broader and more critical background checks for potential gun owners, including background checks performed at gun shows.

It's a sad state of affairs when ostensibly intelligent people think that stricter laws will have an effect on those folks who purchase firearms for nefarious purposes.

Of course, they trotted out their talking-points: Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine; the mayor of the 'city on the lake' brought up the shooting at the Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek and the guy who shot up his ex-girlfriend and some of her co-workers at a beauty salon and spa in Brookfield.

Apparently it still hasn't registered with the background-check cheerleaders that in each of these cases, the killers broke at least one law before they fired their first shot: all of the locales were 'gun-free zones'; the spa-killer's ex had a restraining order out on him; the Sandy Hook shooter killed his own mother (who legally could own firearms) in order to steal them from her to commit his crime.

These folks are (and were) criminals.  Criminals, by definition, disobey the law.  What makes the folks who think broader background checks would so much as faze criminals?

Give me a break, okay.

No, the only people broader background-checks would affect would be law-abiding citizens; you know, those people for whom laws are deterrents to committing crime?

Which is why it's not all that out of line for we law-abiding citizens to wonder: exactly why do they want broader background checks?  Oh, they'll say it's to weed out the nuts (they won't use those terms, but it's what they mean) who shouldn't be trusted with firearms; it won't weed out the real nuts - the gang-bangers and the other assorted miscreants who look at the law as something to laugh at.

No, there's something else behind broader background checks, I'm thinking.  Since things like this only affect law-abiding gun purchasers, it's directed at them - not the criminals who are the bigger problem.

What that 'something else' might be, I'd rather not speculate.  I'll leave that up to you.

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