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21 January, 2013

Overturning Roe Vs. Wade

Acording to CNN, which got its information from Pew Research:
Slightly more than half (54%) of white evangelicals, according to the Pew Research Center study, favor completely overturning the 1973 Supreme Court decision that affirmed a woman’s right to have an abortion. No other religious group, including white mainline Protestants, black Protestants and white Catholics, agreed with completely overturning the ruling.

In fact, substantial majorities of white Protestants (76%), black Protestants (65%) and white Catholics (63%) say the ruling should not be over turned, the survey found.
But not so fast, there, folks.  Tom Trinko over at American Thinker analyzed Pew's polling methods, and is calling foul.  In his words:
According to Pew, most people oppose overturning Roe v. Wade -- the implication being that most people support America's current abortion laws.  But all you need to know to see that the headlines are insane and that the Pew survey's conclusions are distortions is the following, from the Pew Report:

However, the public continues to be divided over whether it is morally acceptable to have an abortion. Nearly half (47%) say it is morally wrong to have an abortion, while just 13% find this morally acceptable; 27% say this is not a moral issue and 9% volunteer that it depends on the situation. These opinions have changed little since 2006.
Go take a look at how Mr. Trinko dismantles Pew's poll.  Even though I think he made a mistake in saying that the polled people didn't know Roe vs. Wade was about abortion (since the question itself explained it, even though that explanation, as he shows, was misleading), he otherwise does an excellent job.

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