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11 January, 2013

The Episcopalians Strike Again

The Washington National Cathedral is the latest casualty in the battle over same-sex marriage; under the direction and the auspices of the American Episcopal Church, it will now perform ‘blessings’ of same-sex marriages.  Not marriages, according to Nancy Davidge, The Episcopal Church’s media affairs rep:
In August, the denomination's General Conference approved the new rite. Spokesmen for The Episcopal Church have clarified to media that the approved measure was a "blessing" of same-sex couples, not a marriage rite per se.

"We have authorized a blessing, and a blessing is different than a marriage … A blessing is a theological response to a monogamous, committed relationship[.]"
Sorry Charlie – erm, I mean Nancy; that’s a nice semantic dodge, but any way you slice it, the church is providing approval for sin.

But that’s nothing new for the American Episcopal Church – they’ve been spitting in God’s eye ever since they decided God was a-okay with actively-homosexual clergy; this is just the next step down the wide road that leads to destruction.

The ‘Very Reverend (cough, cough) Gary Hall will be officiating over these ‘blessing’ ceremonies:
Hall said performing same-sex marriages is an opportunity to break down barriers and build a more inclusive community "that reflects the diversity of God's world."

"I read the Bible as seriously as fundamentalists do," Hall told the AP. "And my reading of the Bible leads me to want to do this because I think it's being faithful to the kind of community that Jesus would have us be."
The American Episcopal Church must be using a different Bible than any of the ones I’ve got here in my home (maybe they’re using this one), since none of the Bibles I’ve got say anything approving of sin.  In fact, my Bibles all say that church leadership, since it has greater responsibility in shepherding the flock, will come under greater condemnation if they ‘cause[s] one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble’: Jesus mentions a millstone and drowning as being better than that.
"Today, the church sent a simple but powerful message to LGBT Episcopalians - you are loved just the way you are, and for that we embrace you," said the Rev. MacArthur Flournoy, the deputy director of HRC's religion and faith program.
Um, no, sorry, Charlie – erm, I mean ‘Reverend’ Flournoy; all the church has done to their LGBT members is set them up for condemnation by approving of their unrepented sinful acts.
[The Right Reverend Mariann Edgar] Budde, the Episcopal bishop, said there is a long tradition of changing views in the church on racial equality, slavery and the role of women.
Tim Brown, writing at Freedom Outpost on the topic of the re-definition of marriage, has something to say about this line of defense:
I have had many atheists I’ve engaged that promote homosexual “marriage” as a civil right and then they will say silly things like “Well blacks were not able to marry whites in the past and we redefined that” or “women were not able to vote in the past and we redefined that.”

Well no genius, we didn’t redefine marriage. Because some people didn’t believe that people of different ethnic backgrounds should marry one another did not change the definition of marriage. It was still union of a man and a woman (ethnicity was never a part of the definition.) The same is true with voting. The definition of voting was never changed. In both of these situations “law” was changed, not definitions.
By approving of same-sex marriages – which is precisely what the Episcopal Church’s ‘blessings’ do, regardless whether they perform the actual ceremonies at the cathedral, Ms Budde and every other church member, be they clergy or laity, are engaging in deception of both their flock and those outside, are deliberately consigning the member of their flock to the torments of hell, and are deliberately turning their backs on God.

All I can do is pray they eventually come to their senses; until they do, I’ll leave them with Isaiah’s warning:
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)


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