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20 February, 2013

Big, Scary Guns - Isn't That The Point?

This is the infamous 'assault weapon', the AR-15.

It's one of the weapons certain folks want to see banned by the federal government.  Why?  Well, just look at it!  It's big.  It's scary.  It's intimidating.

Here's a heads-up for all the ProgLibDems (which, if you say it fast, sounds remarkably like 'troglodyte' - try it and see) who are wetting their diapers over these 'big, scary guns' - 'big, scary guns' are supposed to scare you; that's part of their function.

I mean, come on, folks; if you can whip out one of these, aim it at a would-be intruder, and give said intruder a 'come to Jesus moment' just because the weapon itself makes them wet themselves, it's worth having one around.  And heck, you might not even have to pull the trigger.

See?  ProgLibDems, by being scared of these kinds of weapons, are actually endorsing one of the points for their possession: they scare the bad guys.

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