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23 February, 2013

Location, Location, Location

Allegheny College of Meadville, PA hosted a ‘sex and masturbation tutorial’ titled I Heart the Female Orgasm.

When I finished the article, three things had popped into my mind; I’ll give them in order of least-to-greatest importance.

One: Is consecration of holy ground a concern these days?  I know, in the past, any church or chapel had to be consecrated to God before services could be performed in them.  The question then is, did the content of the presentation, including the way the Bible was presented, constitute desecration of the holy space of the chapel?  If so, the chapel needs to be re-consecrated.

Chaplain Jane Ellen Nickel, who conducts non-denominational Christian services each Sunday and manages the office of Spiritual and Religious Life, said in an email to The College Fix that she saw nothing wrong with the event, and hoped students would feel comfortable attending a religious service there later.

“I don’t have a problem with it being held in the chapel. The program advocates responsible, respectful decision-making regarding sexual behavior, and includes the option waiting for marriage, a message that resonates with many students of faith. While the name may have some shock value, the event itself is consistent with our policy of opening the building to campus groups. We would love it if students at such an event experience the chapel as a welcoming space, and then feel encouraged to attend a religious service or program.”
The chaplain said this was okay?  Did she not know what the content was going to be?   I mean, look at the lead paragraph from the student-author of the article:
Allegheny College’s Ford Memorial Chapel was transformed into a boudoir of sorts Wednesday night, as professional sex educators advised students in attendance how best to touch themselves and their partners to reach orgasm in what was billed as an educational seminar.
Turning the chapel into a ‘boudoir of sorts’ in order to teach attendees ‘how best to touch themselves and their partners to reach orgasm’ was, in the chaplain’s mind, appropriate for a religious location?  No, chaplain – it was appropriate to a sex-education class, not to a chapel.

At the risk of being called a sexist, notice that the chaplain of this college is a woman; has anyone else noticed that in the vast majority of cases where churches are embracing the world and are liberalizing, their leaders are women?  Case in point, Katherine Jefferts Schori, presiding bishop of the collapsing Episcopal Church – USA.

Three (and, IMO, most important): using the chapel for this presentation was entirely unnecessary. 

Allegheny College boasts six ‘meeting spaces’ on campus; these folks had the option of choosing one of five alternate locations.  The article doesn’t state how many people they expected to attend, but since the chapel can seat four hundred, there were at least two other locations – Shafer Auditorium and Schultz Hall – which could have offered adequate seating. 

So why’d they pick the chapel?

In order to stick it to Christians.  They knew their program would offend Christians; they knew presenting it in a chapel would offend even more.  And they knew that by calling it an ‘educational program’ they could get the university to allow it; they wouldn’t have dared try this in one of the local churches.  But colleges and universities across the nation are becoming hot-beds of this sort of (for lack of a better word) persecution of Christians, aren’t they?

The choice of the chapel for this? 

Deliberate, folks.

(hat tip Moonbattery)

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