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20 February, 2013

The ‘War On Christians’

After Saturday Night Live shoveled out a blasphemous portrayal of Christ and attacked Tim Tebow for his upcoming visit to the First Baptist Church of Dallas, TX, Fox News accused NBC of ‘”declaring war” on Christians’.

As a Christian, I’m hard-pressed to see this as a declaration of war; after all, isn’t a declaration of war usually somebody getting up and pronouncing, ‘We’re at war’ or somebody firing the first shot?  NBC did neither: they never said, ‘We’re at war with Christians’, nor did they fire the first salvo in the battle, since this battle has been going on pretty much ever since there were people who were called ‘Christians’.

If you want a trigger for this war, perhaps you have to go all the way back to the stoning of Stephen (Acts 6:8 – Acts 7).  Or maybe you could go back to Herod’s slaughter of all the male infants age two and under in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:16), although those children were Jewish, not Christian.  

Or maybe – just maybe – you ought to go all the way back to the beginning, when Satan got prideful and God slung him out of heaven.  That’s actually when the real war started, and it was and is a war between the Prince of Darkness and the King of Heaven and Creator of All Things.  Since Satan’s a sneaky devil (no pun intended) and he hates God with a passion, he uses God’s greatest creation – human beings – as his pawns in the fight, and since Christians just happen to be human beings, too, we end up like the hapless store clerk or customer service rep: we just happen to be the most convenient targets of animosity.

Since that declaration of war, what we’ve experienced here on earth is nothing more than skirmish and brush-war.  And, just like the typical war, there are periods of intense fighting and periods of relative calm, though lately it seems as though we’re on one of the upward swings of the cycle: we read and hear reports of Christians beaten, battered, mutilated and killed in the Middle East and China and Europe; we read and hear of lawfare used against Christians in both Europe and the US in order to silence us. 

As Fox News and other sources have pointed out there seems to be an increase in hatred against Christianity in the general society.   I don’t think it’s so much an increase in the emotion as it is a decrease in the societal norms which once kept it in check.  Not too many years ago things like Piss Christ, Madonna in Dung, Madonna self-crucifying on stage, and the SNL skit would likely not have even been tried because society would have dropped like a hammer on the perpetrators.  Now, however, with the embrace by society of pluralism, relativism, scientism, and other ‘isms’ these pieces of blasphemy are excused as ‘art’, ‘free speech’, ‘a personal opinion’, and so on. 

Additionally, the ‘instant global news’ phenomenon is also a factor.  If not for cable television and the Internet, we would likely remain blissfully unaware of the persecution of Christians in other countries, and even in our own country outside our immediate locale.  The amount of hate against Christians may not be increasing, but our awareness of it is.  Of course, the ‘isms’ I mentioned before often color the commentary from our news media, so that even when we’re presented with atrocities committed against Christians the first question that often pops up is, ‘What did the Christians do to provoke that?’

And as I mentioned before, this isn’t a war against Christians per se: this is a war against Christ.  As He warned us, we’re targets because we belong to Him.  The ‘attackers’ and ‘haters’ of Christianity are tools of Satan (sorry to have to say it that way, but it’s the truth) – willing tools who fear (yes, fear) the message Christ preached two thousand odd years ago.

And this war will go on, until Christ comes to reclaim His earth and Satan takes the plunge into the eternal lake of fire.

Until then, we persevere.

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