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15 March, 2013

Open Letter

To: Reverend Franklin Graham and Richard Land

Dear Sirs,

Please enlighten me on a question, if you would.  Where is it mandated that Christians (and evangelical ones at that) are to support useless and oppressive laws?

Because that is what you’re advocating in the article printed at The Blaze.

Both of you support the recent calls for ‘universal background checks’ for gun ownership, even though, as Mr. Land states in the article:
“We’re not going to oppose universal background checks — it’s a nice idea but only law-abiding citizens follow that,” he said. (emphasis mine)
The law is therefore useless, as it will not address illegal ownership and use of guns; it is oppressive because, as Mr. Land notes, it will only affect law-abiding citizens.

Why do you support a law which will oppress the righteous – law-abiding citizens – and leave the guilty unpunished?

You ought to know, being Christian leaders well-schooled in the Bible, that evil is within men, not within the tools they use.  You ought to know that a gun is not responsible for the killing of another – that the person pulling the trigger is the guilty party.  You should know that the source of the evil is within the man, and that God will not punish the righteous and spare the guilty.

You ought to know that the problem in our society is not the availability of tools with which we can injure, maim, or kill our fellow-man – anything can be used as a weapon.  The problem is our society’s lack of the moral understanding that human life is important, human life is sacred.  But ‘universal background checks’ do nothing to that; nor do taxes on violence.  What does that is a change of heart and mind – a change which comes through faith in Christ.

And yet you support punishing the righteous – the law-abiding citizen – and sparing the guilty by calling for ‘universal background checks’, which (at the risk of repeating myself) you, Mr. Land, have admitted will do nothing against the illegal possession or use of guns.

Rather than endorsing useless and oppressive laws against law-abiding citizens, Christians ought to be endorsing the mindset that every person is created in the image of God, and therefore human life is sacred (to a point) – we do not have the right or privilege (unless God grants it, as in legal and judicial execution for heinous crime) to take life; that’s God’s prerogative.  Christians ought to be endorsing the mindset that violence is the very last option in disagreements, and that few (if any) disagreements are worth the life of another person.  And Christians ought to be endorsing the idea that, though violence is our very last resort, we can defend ourselves from physical attacks.

More useless and oppressive laws are not the answer, gentlemen, and I’m dismayed that you both support one.

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