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28 March, 2013

Remember When …

…one of the arguments against legalizing homosexual marriage was that by changing the definition of marriage eventually all sorts of different connubial relationships would then step up for legal recognition?

Remember how homosexual-marriage advocates pooh-poohed those concerns off?

Well, now what?
A draft statement for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, released from an anonymous hacker and dated April 1, 2013, reveals the potential 2016 presidential candidate will become the first presidential hopeful of either party to formally endorse legalizing polygamy, polyamory and adultery.
I’m not exactly an ‘I-told-you-so’ kind of guy, but…you were warned about this.

The problem, for me, is that I’m figuring the heavy press about this revelation is going to fall squarely on the ‘adultery’ angle.  And if you go ahead and read Hillary’s nauseating (to me) explanation of why she now endorses what amounts to a sexual free-for-all reminiscent of the movie Caligula, you see that as far as morals go, there are none – at least in Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Which goes to show you why she didn’t hang Bubba out to dry when he ‘got frisky’ with Monica and Paula and Gennifer, and all the other women he inspected generally and specifically during his career.

The article ends (pretty much - there's another sentence of two after this) with ‘[a] covering e-mail also released by the anonymous hacker was a simple one-line sentence from former Secretary Clinton to her staff. It read:
After long and intense discussions with my husband, I finally decided: “What the hell.”’
Something tells me Mistress Clinton will find out, all too soon for her liking, ‘what the hell’.

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