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08 April, 2013

Another Evolution

Following in the slime trail footsteps of other high-visibility, politically-minded folks, Jim Wallis finally admitted he supports homosexual marriage:
When The Huffington Post asked Wallis to clarify if that meant he specifically supports same-sex marriage, Wallis answered, "yes."
The only real surprise at this announcement is that it took him so long; after all, the rest of the politically-minded herd discovered a while ago which side of their political toast had the butter on it – and, it’s only logical to ‘evolve’ on an issue when you finally realize upon that issue hangs your political influence and, perhaps, your political career.

Mr. Wallis’ group, Sojourners, released this statement:
"We believe the best path forward is a legal system that respects the rights and responsibilities of all couples, gay or straight, and also respects the religious liberty of faith communities to define marriage consistent with their theology and scriptural understanding[.]"
Well, sorry to let you folks know, but if you’re na├»ve enough to believe that once homosexual ‘marriage’ becomes law that the homosexual activists are going to lay off the church and leave them to exercise their religious freedom, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

But what grieves me the most about this announcement is that Mr. Wallis is called a ‘[l]ong-time evangelical Left leader’.  Taken at face value, this label means yet another professing Christian – and a leader on top of that – has gone down the rabbit-hole of worldliness.  The Bible – which is something Christians (and especially their leaders) ought to know something about – is crystal-clear regarding what ought to happen to religious leaders who lead their flocks astray with lies, evasions, manipulations of the Word, and the like – remember the millstone?  And because they’re leaders, they’re doubly condemned – they misled not just themselves, but their flock as well.

It’s so tempting to shake the dust from our sandals at people like this – people who refuse to acknowledge the plain meaning of Scripture, who distort it for their own ends, and who call themselves Christians (and leaders).  It would be easy to simply say, ‘There’s no helping them; they’ve condemned themselves; let’s move on and stop wasting our time here.’  But we don’t get that option, folks; we’re called and commanded to pray for folks just like this, and Jude tells us we are to ‘have mercy on some, who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh’ (Jude, vs. 22-23).  So we can’t stop praying, for sure; we’ve even got to get grabbing at these folks, hauling back on them, and dragging them out of the pit.

Even when they fight our efforts.

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