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11 April, 2013

It’s Because We Don’t Trust You

Bridget Johnson over at the PJ Tattler gives us Senator Lindsey Graham’s reasons excuses for his ‘yes’ vote this morning, which effectively killed the filibuster against the Dem’s gun-control bill.

Senator Graham makes the following mistakes:

1) He thinks that forcing Senators to debate and vote on the bill will somehow change their votes.  It’s going to do absolutely nothing to the Democrats’ votes, and will (IMO) hardly make a dent in the votes of RINOs whose only goal in life is to hand-hold Democrats every chance they get.

2) He thinks Democrats care that their proposals wouldn’t have stopped the Sandy Hook massacre.  This is a rib-tickler, isn’t it?  They know damned well their proposals wouldn’t have done diddly-squat, but because they can propose feel-good, constituent-mollifying legislation that has the added effect of tightening the restriction-noose on legal and law-abiding gun ownership, they’ve got themselves a two-fer; add to this that even in the face of this knowledge, they’re still tub-thumping this crap.

3) Senator Graham thinks that even if (more like when) they lose big in the Senate, the House will kill the bill.  These Senators have to stop depending on others to kill useless and damaging legislation.  Chief Justice Roberts passed the buck on ObamaCare when he as much said it’s the fault of we, the people, for electing the Administration that gave it to us; here’s Senator Graham doing basically the same thing – passing the buck to the House because he knows they’re going to fail, and fail spectacularly.

4) Senator Graham believes that an NRA-approved gun-control bill has a hope in hell of even reaching the debate-stage in the Democrat-controlled, Harry-Reid-controlled Senate. 

Senator Graham, here’s the problem: after caving in to Mr. Obama on the debt ceiling, on tax increases, and damned near everything else, when we, the people, here guys like you (establishment Republicans, or RINOs if you prefer) make promises to us, we already know your track-record of breaking them.


Or, actually, more correctly, we trust you to screw us over every chance you get.

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