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16 June, 2013


On lethal-injection late-term abortions, one Doctor (and I use that term loosely) Leroy Carhart of Nebraska said:
“No, it’s like putting meat in a Crock-Pot. Okay? It doesn’t get broke – it gets softer. It doesn’t get infected, or you know—”
Then, according to ‘Doctor’ Carhart, the ‘crock-pot meat’ is torn apart and removed from the uterus.

Going to be a long time before I can look at my crock-pot again, folks, I tell ya.

What sort of mind compares turning an unborn, 24-, 25-, or 26-week-old unborn baby to meat softened in a crock-pot?  The same kind of mind which equates an unborn child at any stage of development in the uterus as ‘just a lump of cells’, ‘a mass of tissue’, or something ‘like a tumor’.  It’s the same sort of mine which can look at a group of people and decide, based on skin color or just general animosity, that they aren’t human, and turn them into livestock, tools, or gas them and burn them in incinerators.

And if you’re wondering when this kind of mind actually begins to think of a person as a person, well, sometimes (as I pointed out above) they don’t; in the case of abortion, though, they begin to think of the baby as a baby usually only until it’s feet clear the uterus – if any part of the body is still within the womb, it’s not considered human (hence the concept of ‘late-term abortion’ as practiced by ‘doctor’ Leroy Carhart, Kermit Gosnell, Douglas Karpen, Shelly Sella, and Joseph Durante, among others in California; and most of these folks just listed practiced ‘late-term abortion’ on infants who’d been born).  But you end up asking (if you’re anything like me), ‘So they abort a born infant, which is murder; how long before they say that it’s acceptable to do the same to older children, or even to adults?’  Rather than call it ‘assisted suicide’, call it ‘very-late-term abortion’.

Or, as Peter Singer calls it, ‘after-birth abortion’.

I have a term for people who think this way: sociopath.

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