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01 June, 2013

Good Luck With That

WaPo’s On Faith section is usually pretty good for finding some of the more odd-ball interpretations of religions, particularly Christianity.  In a recent post, Michael Otterson – who heads up the Mormon Church’s worldwide public affairs functions – attempts to explain why the Mormon Church has decided not to distance itself from the Boy Scouts of America over the Grapevine Vote in favor of allowing openly homosexual scouts to, well, ‘be’ openly homosexual.

Mr. Otterson extensively quotes a Mormon bishop – Gary Stevenson – throughout the post; Bishop Stevenson said:
“Boy Scouts of today face issues not faced by generations before them:  declining morals, technology, addictive behavior and declining academic performance to name a few.   I believe that the key to solving these issues lies in family and duty to God. If boys truly understood what their duty to God entails and lived it, they would grow safely into manhood. (emphasis mine)
The phrase ‘duty to God appears in each of the remaining quotes Mr. Otterson uses in his post, and it’s that phrase which is giving me headaches.

I agree with the bishop that one of the central tenets of Scouting was, is, and ought to always be ‘duty to God’; my question to the bishop is, how do you define ‘duty to God’?  Being a Bible-believing Protestant Christian it’s always been my impression that ‘duty to God’ means believing in His Son and obeying, to the best of our sinful ability, His word.

All of His words.

Additionally, it’s our ‘duty to God’ to repent of our sins when (not ‘if’, but ‘when’) we sin, and ask His forgiveness, and do our human best to behave ourselves in the future; the thing that gets one into trouble with God is unrepented sinfulness.

How will the BSA reinforce the ‘duty to God’ – which includes obedience – when they face young boys who openly profess something which God has called an ‘abomination’?  Call on them to fight against their urges, as they do with heterosexual, hyper-hormonal young boys?  How long do you think they’ll get away with that, what with GLADD already screaming at anybody with the temerity to say that homosexuality is an urge to be denied?

How long does the BSA think they can hold out against an all-out assault on the idea of ‘duty to God’?

More importantly, how long does the Mormon Church think it will be able to enforce the ‘duty to God’ aspect of Scouting before GLADD comes down on them with both feet?

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