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25 June, 2013


Take a look at a rather unique critique of the latest 'you're-the-gender-you-think-you-are' fad:
Mostly unbeknownst to most of us mortals, a modern day shape-shifter can become the opposite of the sex he or she was born as, transforming into a man or woman in an instant. It doesn't matter if the biological assignment given at birth remains. Proclamation of one's sexual identity is enough. One's gender can be established by fiat. Even children may change sex just by proclamation, as the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary School guidelines affirm, stating that even if a child physiologically resembles a boy in every respect, but decides to be a girl, his new identity is to be acknowledged as the "real" one. Just to be perfectly clear, lest anyone accuse the district of discrimination, it is not necessary to declare one's self male or female at all. A student can essentially check the box "Neither:"
Go read the rest over here at American Thinker.

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