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02 June, 2013

Words Matter

A week or so ago, White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer called questions as to the whereabouts and activities of the President during the Benghazi fiasco 'irrelevant'.

Since so many folks, inside and outside of DC, still consider Obama some sort of a god, I think the word Mr. Pfeiffer was looking for was 'irreverent'.

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Right Truth said...

I'm hoping that Benghazi is not pushed out of the hearts and minds of people, or out of the media or investigation by Congress, by all the other scandals in Washington.

Where Obama was is important and should be easy to figure out, if anyone really wanted to know. Probably spending the evening with Reggie Love, wouldn't want that to get out.

The families of those who were injured and died in Benghazi deserve answers and heads need to roll (as well as legal action).

Right Truth