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14 July, 2013

Abortion and the Threat to Life

Over on the Emerald Isle, parliament voted ‘… to approve abortion in the country in cases where doing so could save the life of the mother…’.  Now, my regular readers probably already know that I actually support abortion in this instance – the imminent death of the mother – but in no other case (there’s an alternate ‘a’-word I support in those instances).

The Irish parliament, however, took it a step further:
After an all-night debate, Ireland's parliament voted early Friday to approve abortion in the country in cases where doing so could save the life of the mother, including in cases in which the mother is at a high risk of suicide. (emphasis mine)
That little addendum raised a reasonable concern among pro-life advocates over there: how to be absolutely sure that the woman really is ‘at a high risk of suicide’.

Proponents of the bill point out that ‘the woman must first be studied by two psychiatrists and an obstetrician to determine if the risk of suicide is "real and substantial…"’, yet there’s a reasonable concern that ‘suicidal’ could be used as a ruse in order to get an abortion electively; additionally, pro-life advocates pointed out that abortion tends to carry its own set of luggage when it comes to later instances of mental health problems.

The fact of the matter is, Catholic Ireland, which has made abortion illegal in every respect, already has a provision for abortions when the life of the mother is in danger; the problem is, that provision was never put into law.  Obviously, all it would take would be for parliament to revisit that provision and pass it for their President to sign.

So, what, in fact, does this ‘in case of suicidal feelings’ addition really mean?

In my opinion, it's an attempt to strike a crack in the wall that is Ireland’s anti-abortion stance.  After all, once they have an allowance for ‘suicidal thoughts’ it’s not much of a step to get abortion for other reasons, up to and including ‘just because’.

Kind of like what we’ve got here in America.

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