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27 July, 2013

Elisha's home found?

Elisha the prophet was Elijah's hand-picked successor, and continued the work his predecessor did through the reign of four of Israel's kings; his story can be found in the books of 1 Kings (Chapter 19, verse 13) and into 2 Kings (through Chapter 13, verse 20).

Archaeologists think they may have discovered the home where he lived:
CBN reported the pottery piece was found in a novel house uncovered in Tel Rehov in the Jordan Valley. Elisha was born in Avel Mehola, only about seven miles from Tel Rehov.
While I'm skeptical of reports of such discoveries (since they're often based on very little evidence, and usually come long before that evidence is adequately analyzed), I still enjoy reading about them.

Have at it, friends.

(The picture references 2 Kings 2:23-25, and shows you don't poke the prophet)


Trestin said...

Most get it wrong, but... Every once in a while they find something great.

Tia said...

This is great!