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16 July, 2013

Forced to Specify

A pretty good rule of thumb is, if someone who’s shown little more than animosity towards a position you’ve taken tells you that acting to protect yourself against them is ‘unnecessary’, then it’s entirely and completely necessary to follow through on your decision.

Take the case of churches which are amending their bylaws to protect themselves against the potential of lawsuits from homosexuals.  Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said this on Fox News:
“The U.S. Constitution already guarantees the right of churches to decide which sacraments they wish to perform and whom they want to include in these rituals, including weddings,” Lynn said. “So these additions to church constitutions are unnecessary.”
This, coming from a guy who thinks ‘separation of church and state’ is written somewhere in the Constitution, and has done everything in his power (through his AUSCS) to strangle the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment – which actually is in one of our nation’s founding documents, the Bill of Rights.

When you hear, ‘That action’s not necessary’, what you ought to be hearing is, ‘Don’t do that; it’ll make our job of censoring you that much harder.’

And then do what you were going to do.

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