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20 July, 2013

I Guess We're All Racists Now

Sally Zelikovsky brings up an unnerving thought that, I'm sure, a lot of us have had in the wake of the meltdown resulting from the Zimmerman verdict: we're all racists now.

Here's a snip from her American Thinker article:
When I awoke this morning and looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that I had undergone a fundamental transformation -- a Kafkaesque metamorphosis. I was no longer myself. I had become...a racist.

I didn't do it to myself. I've always been sensitive to race. I don't support racism or racists. I've never considered myself racist and don't think others would consider me a racist. How could I be one now?

I never enslaved anyone, prevented them from working or voting or living in my neighborhood or joining my clubs. I don't think there was any proof that George Zimmerman did either.

But now I know if I ever cross or injure a black person -- no matter how justified my actions might be -- there is a presumption that I am a racist.
Go read the rest.

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