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19 July, 2013

That’s What I Said

PPRI/Brookings recently released the results of a study which seems to indicate that, as far as Americans are concerned, social conservatism is more important than economic conservatism.

I've said that a couple of times, haven't I?

The Republican Party has, up to now, tried desperately to shove social concerns onto the warming plate, thinking economic woes are a more valuable chink to attack; they said as much in an RNC report released in April, which drew a letter from Tony Perkins (president of the Family Research Council) and a dozen other social conservative leaders which said (in part):
"The Republican Party makes a huge historical mistake if it intends to dismantle this coalition by marginalizing social conservatives and avoiding the issues which attract and energize them by the millions[.]"
I’ve written on this topic before; my point was (and is) that economic conservatism is grounded on social conservatism for the simple fact that the economic woes we’re facing today stem from social policies and theories.  We’ve gone from a mindset of self-sufficiency to one of entitlement to benefits provided from government – that’s a social change – which has caused massive entitlement debts – the  economic problem.  We’ve gone from a specific morality which demanded personal accountability – particularly in the realm of sex and marriage – to a nebulous morality in which ‘anything goes’ and ‘if it feels good, do it’.  And these changes have brought about the economic problem we have today because when people stop feeling the necessity to be self-sufficient and stop feeling the necessity to behave themselves in a morally-responsible way – and when this mindset-change is promoted by authority figures such as governments, churches, psychologists, and the like – it simply feeds the problem rather than offering plausible solutions to the problem.

If you try to attack the economic problems of this (or any) country without first dealing with the social problems which cause them, you might as well be boxing fog.

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Right Truth said...

So we should simply get all social concerns "off the table" as the RNC and Democrats like to say. Just get immigration off the table (vote for it and shut up). I don't think so.

As Rush Limbaugh said yesterday, Conservatives can't get anything done, the Republican leadership doesn't listen to us and wishes we would go away.

Right Truth