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31 August, 2013


That's what Olivier Knox calls Mr. Obama's Rose Garden speech (which he was late for, by the way), wherein he said that he would ask Congress for permission to attack Syria.

And there's lots of chatter out there in the same vein.

How, exactly, is this a gamble?  If Congress gives him the okay, he's golden (at least in his own eyes).

If Congress says no, well, as some have pointed out, he'll simply point fingers at those eeeeevil Rethuglicans and try to blame them (though rumor has it there are plenty of Demonrats who don't like the idea of yet another Middle Eastern war foul-up).

And, if Congress does happen to say no (and rumor, again, has it that that's a more likely scenario than green-lighting this fiasco-in-waiting), it's likely he'll simply end-around Congress (it's not like he hasn't got a lot of practice doing that) and we'll end up flying in real fast, dropping a few bombs, and generally leaving a mess that, in all likelihood, the 'winners' will have to clean up.

Considering that so far, in Libya and Egypt, the 'winners' have been affiliated with those wacky Islamic radicals (al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, pick your poison); doesn't look any different in Syria.

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