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13 September, 2013

Learning Curve ***UPDATE***

A teacher in a school in Tennessee assigned students to write about someone they idolized.

A 10-year-old girl in the class wrote about the person who ‘would “always be the #1 person I look up to.”’ 

That person happened to be God.

The teacher told her she couldn’t write about God; this teacher wouldn’t even allow the paper the child turned in to remain on school property.

The teacher would, however, accept a paper wherein this little girl ‘idolized’ Michael Jackson.

Needless to say, the child’s mother confronted the school about it:
“I told the principal this morning, would it be better if she wrote about Ellen Degeneres?” she said. “Of course there was no comment.”
And, as per usual when teachers or school administrators do things like this, the district’s spokes-head – in this case, a man named Christian Ross (interesting choice of given name) – told Fox News that:
”teachers are prohibited from promoting religious beliefs in the classroom.”

However he said the district does not have a policy that prohibits a student from expressing religious beliefs in class assignments.
When asked why the young girl wasn’t allowed to write about God:
Ross did not provide an answer.
Of course not; whether he couldn’t or wouldn’t is up for grabs, though he did say:
"This incident has been addressed at the school-level, and the principal has contacted parents of the student regarding their concerns,” he said. “Out of respect for and in order to protect the privacy of individual  students and staff, the district is not commenting further on this matter.” (emphasis mine)
Know what that sound like to me?  Sounds to me like Mr. Ross is well aware of the other incidents like these, where teachers, administrators, and school districts infringed on the First Amendment Free Exercise rights of their students, and where those teachers, administrators, and school districts got their knuckles severely rapped.  So Mr. Ross is wisely now shutting his mouth on the subject.

Teachers, school administrators, and members of districts and school boards are supposed to be intelligent people – after all, you’ve got to go to college to be a teacher.  You’d imagine that these intelligent educators would understand that the First Amendment, and it’s Free Exercise of Religion clause, are actually part of the Constitution, whereas the so-called ‘wall of separation between church and state’ isn’t.

Guess that learning curve is a bit too steep for them.


The Blaze lets us know why the teacher forbade this little girl from writing about God as her idol:
Her teacher wasn’t sure how to handle the church versus state dynamics that exist in public schools and so acted on impulse.
I stand by my earlier statement that teachers, administrators, and school district/school board members are way behind the learning curve on this one.

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Right Truth said...

I'm surprised there was not more outcry about this. Michael Jackson was OK? Michael Jackson? A child molester? A pervert? But not God. This teacher was so wrong.

Right Truth