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27 September, 2013

Let’s Play Find the Cross

Here we go again:
A city in Florida is battling an atheist group regarding its official city seal that depicts a cross, heart, and anchor. While the atheist group argues the symbols are biblically religious, the city argues they are a part of the town's history and carry no sectarian meaning.
Yep, Americans United for Separation of Church and State once again ‘suddenly discovered’ an ‘unconstitutional’ cross in a city seal.

Never mind that the seal is over 130 years old; never mind that until this moment nobody’s complained; never mind that for 130 years that cross hasn’t been considered unconstitutional; never mind that there’s no Constitutionally-mandated ‘separation of church and state’.  Just pay attention to this brain trust (along with the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union), which likely spent many, many hours combing literature, searching out ‘offending’ crosses in public places so they could slap yet another lawsuit on yet another unsuspecting group of people.

And has anyone else noticed the pin-drop silence these anti-religion groups have displayed when state schools and office buildings provide foot-washing stations and prayer rooms for their Muslim students and employees?  Ever wonder why?  I’m willing to bet it’s because if they ever tried something like that, CAIR would come along and use their not-insubstantial financial power to eat these groups alive (only to mention the screams of ‘Islamophobia’ that would result).

No, you see, groups like AUSCS, FFRF, and the ACLU roll by attacking smaller groups – schools, school districts, small towns, and the like – because there’s a better chance those groups haven’t got the financial ability to successfully survive a protracted court battle.  The ACSUS and the FFRF prefer their targets ‘soft’ and easily-manipulated; which is also why they attack Christians predominantly and not Jews or Muslims or even Buddhists or Sikhs or other religious groups – Christians traditionally haven't fight back.

At least, up till now: thanks to legal groups like the Becket Fund and Liberty Council (among others), Christians can and are fighting back against these anti-religious groups – and in a lot of cases, they’re winning.

Oh, and as far as the ACSUS, the FFRF, and the ACLU, which have never really been 'anti-religion' so much as they've been 'anti-Christian, I have a couple recommended name-changes for you guys.

Americans United for the Separation of Christians and State.
The Freedom From Christianity Foundation.
The Anti-Christian-Liberties Union.

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