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29 September, 2013

Progressive Religion

Pope Nan of SanFran put on her mitre, mounted her pulpit, and pontificated on the likely-inevitable upcoming government shutdown and what it will mean to the National Institute of Health (NIH):
“The underlying bill to shut down government, the continuing resolution, is reason enough to object to it because that bill will cost at least one million jobs in the course of the next year,” Pelosi said.


It will not only do that, it will cut our investments in the future: in education, in biomedical research – the National Institutes of Health has the biblical power to cure [emphasis added by author of the linked article].
And it’s not the first time she’s given the NIH the ‘biblical power to cure’.

Not that this kind of thing is strange for Nan of SanFran: she’s on record as saying late-term abortion is ‘sacred ground’; she’s been told by the Vatican she’s no longer to receive communion; calls her a ‘Counterfeit Catholic'; calls her a ‘spiritual imbecile’; I could go on, but I think you get the drift, here.

And so, she makes her own religion.  Very Progressive of her.

But she’s not alone in this: from the iconic Obama Hope picture to the haloed Obama icons to the icon of Obama crucified to school children engaging in pro-Obama chanting and pledging to serve Obama to today’s ‘creepy’ Tweet by Adam Baldwin of a C-SPAN caller saying it was a ‘sin’ to dislike Obama, the Progressive religion revealed by professor Thomas G. West is in full flower:
At least some of the Progressives redefined God as human freedom achieved through the right political organization. Or else God was simply rejected as a myth. For Hegel, whose philosophy strongly influenced the Progressives, “the state is the divine idea as it exists on earth.” John Burgess, a prominent Progressive political scientist, wrote that the purpose of the state is the “perfection of humanity, the civilization of the world; the perfect development of the human reason and its attainment to universal command over individualism; the apotheosis of man” (man becoming God). Progressive-Era theologians like Walter Rauschenbusch redefined Christianity as the social gospel of progress.
’Creepy’ doesn’t begin to describe it, IMO; blasphemous and idolatrous more fit the bill.

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