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26 September, 2013

Two Thoughts

First, regarding a third party.  Far as I'm concerned, there still are only two major parties in Washington DC: the RINOcrats (Democrats and the RINO Republicans who continually side with them) and Conservatives.

Second, regarding defunding ObamaCare.  Since it almost seems a foregone conclusion that Senator Cruz' filibuster isn't going to stop Harry Reid from stripping the defunding language from the House-passed Continuing Resolution, I think everyone who thought defunding was a good idea should now stand up and refuse to allow Obama and the Democrats to delay any portion of the full bill.

Good God, you're probably saying.  WHY?

Because every time Obama and the Democrats (which sounds like a really bad 70's band, doesn't it?) delay something, they're admitting it's not ready for prime time, right?  So refuse to go along with delaying any part of ObamaCare.  Then Obama and the Democrats will have to explain why their 'law of the land' (for the past three years, mind you) isn't ready for full implementation, and why they keep delaying Mr. Obama's 'signature legislation', which they were hell-bent to pass regardless what the people wanted.

They'd be hard-pressed to blame Republicans on that one - shoot, the Republicans would be the ones calling for implementation; the Dems would be the ones calling for delays.

It'd almost be as if ... well ... as if the Democrats don't really believe ObamaCare can work after all.

Food for thought.

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