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30 September, 2013

What do you do...

..if you're a graduate student of a major Midwestern state University and you are forced into 'diversity training' which do do no desire?

Well, if you're this young man, you write a well-worded e-mail explaining your difficulties in accepting propaganda.

A snippet:
As you are probably aware, all new TAs in the History Department are required to attend one orientation session, two TA training sessions, and two diversity sessions. Yesterday (Friday, September 20th), we new TAs attended the first of the diversity sessions. To be quite blunt, I was appalled. What we were given, under the rubric of “diversity,” was an avalanche of insinuations, outright accusations, and suffocating political indoctrination (or, as some of the worksheets revealingly put it, “re-education”) entirely unbecoming a university of our stature.
Go, read the rest.  It's worth it.

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