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05 October, 2013

Questioning the Questioner

Sally Quinn writes:
In the past weeks, Pope Francis gave an interview to an atheist journalist in Rome saying people should follow their consciences in terms of their beliefs. Two of the world’s best-known atheists, Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker, met with receptive Capitol Hill staffers to discuss science education, evolution and creationism.  And the Secular Coalition released the 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Scorecard for next month’s general election.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli received an F, and Democrat Terry McAuliffe received an A.

Or put it this way: Since atheists have a hard time getting elected dogcatcher in this country, this should be bad news for McAuliffe — not Cuccinelli.
All you really need to know is the questions the Coalition asked to see the bent of the organization.

1. What role would religion play in the candidate’s decision making in his or her role as Governor of Virginia? Does the candidate support a mutual separation between religion and government? 

2. Does the candidate support a science-based curriculum in public schools and reject the use of public funding of religious schools or religiously based curriculums?

3. Does the candidate support social policies that do not discriminate based on religion, such as marriage equality?

4. Does the candidate support scientific-based regulations including science surrounding reproduction, stem-cell research, climate change and other issues?

Are you one of those backwards, anti-science, anti-abortion, anthropomythic-climate-change-denialist fundamentalists who agrees with the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment?

All it takes is a bit of translation to see why the Republican got an ‘F’ and the Democrat got an ‘A’.

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