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07 November, 2013

Higher Education

You know, the more I read about some of these institutes of ‘higher learning’, the happier I am I haven’t got kids.

There was a surprise at Northwestern Christian University today: the student body president of this ‘small, strict, seriously Christian school in Eugene, Ore.’, Eric Fromm, admitted he was an atheist in the school’s newspaper.

After four years, students who ‘knew about or may have suspected’ his atheism never really made much of it.

The university’s VP of enrollment, Michael Fuller, knew this young man was an atheist ‘for years’.

In his article, this young man says he chose Northwestern for its ‘”solid” communications program’, but, you know, I can’t really rule out he went there with another motive; he certainly seems as though part of his reasoning was to try, somehow, to shame his fellow students:
“Every day I’m burdened by the fact that my peers might reject me because I’m different from them,” he writes.

“Growing up in church I heard a lot of lessons about how Christians shouldn’t judge others, but it seems like some people slept through that lesson,” the student concluded.
As Eric Owens, the author of this article, points out, this young man ‘then spends over 200 words brazenly judging his fellow students for not supporting his atheism while simultaneously complaining that they might judge him.’

Here’s the thing that gets me about this.

Mr. Fuller (remember, he’s the school’s vice president for enrollment, says this about young Mr. Fromm:
“He’s a man of very high character and respect[.]”
Seriously?  This kid was lying in wait for someone to negatively judge his atheism, got upset that nobody did, wrote 200 words judging his classmates for not judging him, and he’s supposed to be a ‘man of very high character and respect’?

Pardon my language, but bullshit. 

It’s the remainder of the student body, which didn’t harass, hassle, or otherwise fulfill Mr. Fromm’s desire to be ‘judged’, who are the ones bearing true ‘high character and respect’.

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