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22 December, 2013

She Beat Me To It

I'm one of those 'Bible-thumpers' who believes that God is in charge, and that He directs everything which happens in His creation - including our own planet Earth and our own actions and words.

That said, I've been thinking: Apparently, God wanted Phil Robertson to be interviewed by GQ magazine.  And there are plenty of pundits out there who've been asking, Why in the world did Phil agree to be interviewed by GQ magazine?  After all, GQ doesn't have a 'Religion' column, does it?

Then I read Jeannie DeAngelis' article at American Thinker.  Here's her main point:
The more time the left spends vocally ruminating over what Phil Robertson said, the more the Word of God, which never comes back void, goes forth and impacts lost and hurting lives. A&E and GLAAD may not realize it, but thanks to mutual religious intolerance, they've assisted Phil Robertson in getting out the message that he was originally denounced for expressing. Let's not forget -- as with Balaam, if God has something to say, He will get a donkey to say it. And at present the message being sent clearly condemns homosexuality, but with it also comes the hope of God's unconditional love and forgiveness, and the free gift of salvation.
Consider, too that according to Conde Nast, GQ has a circulation of around 10.5 million readers - that's an awful lot of folks who are going to be exposed to 'the hope of God's unconditional love and forgiveness, and the free gift of salvation'.

God's word definitely does not return to Him void.

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