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29 December, 2013

This Won’t Turn Out Well

Beginning this New Year’s Day, the Boy Scouts of America will be accepting openly-homosexual Scouts for the first time in its history.  Brad Haddock, policy implementation chair for the BSA, hopes it will be ‘business as usual, nothing happens and we move forward’.

Well, he can hope all he wants; it’s not going to go smoothly, it will not be business as usual, things will happen, and they won’t be moving forward – they’ll be backing away, giving ground left and right.

Why do I feel I can say this?  Recent history, which suggests strongly that organizations like GLAAD aren’t interested much in ‘tolerance’ or ‘acceptance’ – no, organizations like GLAAD have revealed that their goal is promotion and approval of the homosexual lifestyle, and anyone who stands against that goal will be summarily punished.

And, ya know, I think BSA actually realizes what they’ve allowed under the fence and into the coop; just look at the statements in the ‘extensive explanations and question-and-answer documents’ they provided:
—Could a Scout march in uniform in a gay-pride parade? No, says the BSA. “Each youth member is free as an individual to express his or her thoughts or take action on political or social issues but must not use Scouting’s official uniforms and insignia when doing so.”

—How publicly active could a gay Scout be, in terms of gay-rights advocacy? The BSA's reply: “While a youth member may acknowledge his or her sexual preference, that acknowledgment may not reach the level of distraction, which may include advocacy, promotion, or the distribution of information of a sexual nature.”

A frequently-asked-questions document anticipates that some objections might surface from parents — or Scouts themselves — in cases where a unit includes an openly gay boy.

Regarding shower and toilet facilities, the BSA says it is encouraging units to provide greater individual privacy, including moving away from the tradition of group showers.

“The adult leaders have the discretion to arrange private showering times and locations,” the BSA says.

Sleeping arrangements also are addressed, with specific decisions left to unit leaders.

“If a Scout or parent of a Scout makes a request to not tent with another Scout, their wishes should be honored,” says the BSA.
How long do you think those restrictions are going to last?  Prediction: they’ll last right up until GLAAD or some other like group screams ‘homophobia’, and then they’ll disintegrate.

Note the word ‘should’ in that last sentence in the block.  ’Should’.  Not ‘will’, but ‘should’. 

Weasel-word.  That Scout’s request will be honored right up to the point where an openly-homosexual Scout feels discriminated against – then GLAAD will step in and force BSA to rescind the rule.

Notice, too, that the decisions regarding showering and sleeping arrangements are left to unit leaders.  Why?  Wild guess: plausible deniability by BSA.  If said unit leader grants a request by a Scout not to have to shower with or share a tent with an openly-homosexual Scout, when GLAAD and their ilk find out and scream ‘discrimination’ and ‘homophobia’, BSA can lay the blame on the unit leader, saying, ‘It’s our policy to give those decisions over to unit leaders; BSA does not discriminate against openly-homosexual Scouts.’  Then they can turn that hapless unit leader into a sacrificial goat, hang him from the flagpole, and install someone more, shall we say, ‘sympathetic to the cause’.

Yeah, this won’t end well.  Oh, it may start off quietly – even I don’t anticipate a lot of ruckus in the first month or two.  But just wait, the ruckus will come.  And when it does, BSA is going to suffer for it.

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