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24 December, 2013

Truth and Lies ***UPDATE***

(Update below the fold)

I swiped this picture off Facebook:

What’s wrong with it?  Well, other than the fact that it spouts two big lies … nothing.

The first lie is that Matthew Shepherd was killed because he was gay.  Way back in 2004, ABC News published a story indicating he was beaten to death by a strung-out junkie venting some meth-rage.

Second lie: that Phil Robertson isn’t a victim.  Of course he’s a victim – he’s a victim of ‘political correctness’ – or, more properly, ‘homophilia’.

Yeah, I said it – homophilia.  More and more we’re seeing that it’s not just a case where we must tolerate homosexuals – we must actually embrace and endorse their lifestyle; otherwise, we’re hateful, evil creatures who need to be destroyed.  Or reeducated.

Now, what got Phil Robertson in trouble?  He quoted the Bible.  Well, since the Bible is God’s word, Phil was actually quoting God, wasn’t he?  Therefore, it follows, doesn’t it, that God must be a homophobe.

And yet what will you hear, likely out of the same mouths as scream homophobia over someone quoting Bible verses?  That ‘God loves everyone’.  How can that be?  I mean, after all, we’ve just established that those Bible verses – again, God’s word – that are ‘homophobic hate-speech’ must mean that God hates homosexuals.  If He hates homosexuals, then He obviously doesn’t love them, does He?

You can have one or the other; you can’t have both.

So both men are victims – one of murder-by-drug-addict, one of political correctness and ‘homophilia’.


Found out the source of the picture: Kathy Griffin Tweeted it.

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