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25 February, 2014

Atheists Don’t Hate God?

Well, looks like CPAC stuck its foot in another trap.  After the kerfuffle a year or so ago about allowing GOProud a booth-space at the conference, they went ahead this year and offered one to American Atheists, only to rescind the offer a few hours later.

Funniest comment is this one, by ‘Anonymous’:
Brent Bozell's claim that American Atheists is an organization devoted to the "hatred of God" is downright silly. We Atheists don't believe that gods exist. Non-existent entities cannot be hated.
To borrow a meme, O RLY? Mr. Anonymous had best tell American Atheists that '[n]on-existent entities cannot be hated' because, as you can see here, they're doing a pretty good job putting a hate on a non-existent entity:

Here are some more examples of American Atheist's hatred of a 'non-existent entity'.

Now, I'm not a psychiatrist, but I'll bet that somewhere in their diagnostic manuals there's a medical term for people who hate 'non-existent entities'.

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